Burnac engines were made in England between 1946 and 1949 by Burnac Ltd of Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. As far as is known they only ever produced one model, the vertical boiler "Vulcan". The vertical boiler design has never been popular with British makers and the Burnac is probably the best-known example.

Burnacs were very solidly built from quite heavy gauge material and they had a heavy cast mazak base. The engine has a centre flue boiler and is equipped with a speed control on the exhaust port so it can be adjusted to run quite slowly. When running slowly it produces a very pleasant "chuff".

There are some interesting variations within the one Burnac design. Engines can be found with the boilers, top boiler caps and cylinders made of brass, copper or even a combination of the two. This is probably a result of material shortages in the immediate post war years. One interesting, but as far I know unconfirmed, rumour is that the boilers were made from surplus shell cases, they are certainly thick enough!

Burnac Vulcan

This example has a copper boiler and the boiler top cap is made from plated steel. A good example of Burnac using what was available at the time. The original safety valve was missing, it was presumably was lost at some time, so a replacement valve from MF Steam has been fitted. The engine is complete with its burner and the original cardboard box.

Another Burnac curiosity concerns the boiler sight glass and its cover. Two designs exist and one of them would seem to be identical with that produced by the German maker Bing, did someone buy a job lot from Bing when that company folded in the thirties?

Burnac Vulcan

This second example has a brass boiler and a brass boiler top cap. It also has the "Bing" style boiler sight glass.