German Engines

Märklin 4105

Marklin 4105

I have always rather liked vertical boiler engines, there is something so delightfully "Edwardian" about them. This Märklin was the first "Candle Stick" engine in my collection. It is in pretty well original condition complete with spirit burner.

The style of the maker's mark dates it as pre 1929. As one would expect from a product of the Märklin factory the build quality is superb. This is a heavy solidly built engine and makes an interesting comparison with contemporary products, from makers such as Bing, which are much lighter.

The only thing that seemed wrong with it when I bought it was the chimney. This was obviously not original as it was just a piece of plain brass tube and was about 1mm too large in diameter. This was replaced it with some brass tube of the correct size. Stuck in the top of the burner was what looked like a brass chimney cap! This proved to be a perfect fit in the new chimney tube.

Wilesco D5

Wilesco D5 Engine

Wilhelm Schroeder Ltd. better known under the name Wilesco are the only remaining mass producer of steam toys left in Germany. They can be regarded as the inheritors of the Nuremberg tradition.

The smallest engine in their extensive range is the little D6 oscillating cylinder engine, which is also available in kit form as the D5. I bought a D5 kit some time ago from a local toyshop and put it to one side for a "rainy day". One cold wet day in January I dug the kit out and decided to build it. It was an easy, but most enjoyable project that passed the afternoon very pleasantly.

The resulting engine runs beautifully, as do all Wilescos, and makes a most interesting comparison with some of the older engines.