Jensen Model 75

During the early 1950s the American manufacturer Jensen produced the meths (alcohol) fired model 75. This was the only meths fired engine ever put into full production by the company, most of their engines are electrically heated, and was only included in the Jensen product line for a fairly short period. Apparently Tom Jensen Sr. had concerns over the safety of meths fired engines and it was withdrawn. Such was his concern that he is said to have destroyed a number of model 75s over the years, as and when he could get hold of them.

Unusually for a Jensen engine of the period there is no chimney, the model 75 was never fitted with one. The distinctive vertically mounted double-acting oscillating cylinder re-appeared later on the Jensen model 70, an electrically heated engine that is still in production.

Sadly the original burner is missing, but I have a photo so I can make a replica, interestingly it is very reminiscent of a Bowman burner. Normally I steam the engine with a spare Mamod SE3 burner and it runs like an absolute dream.