Peake No.3

Peake Engine

Australian Ben Peake made a range of interesting and unusual engines.

The Peake N° 3 is a particularly unusual as it makes use of the “Sun and Planet” gear instead of a conventional crank. The “Sun and Planet” was patented in 1781 having been designed by William Murdoch, a talented employee of Matthew Boulton and JamesWatt. The story goes that Boulton and Watt intended to use a crank to enable a beam engine to provide rotary motion, however, the design was leaked by an employee and was patented by another party. To avoid the patent Boulton and Watt were therefore forced to find another mechanism to perform the role of a crank

The Sun & Planet Gear performs very well and has a curious property where the flywheel rotates twice for every cycle (assuming of teeth on each gear is equal).