Unidentified Engines

"Basil Harley" Engine

Unknown Engine

This engine is a complete mystery. It is 9 inches (24cm) tall and it has no maker's marks of any kind on it anywhere. With the engine was an unusual square vaporising type spirit burner. I do not usually use this burner as it burns with far too fierce a flame and only last for a few minutes.

There is a photograph of one of these engines in Basil Harley's book "Toyshop Steam" (colour plate number 5). Unfortunately there is no information on it, the caption, , merely states that the engine "looks English"

This engine was generally in very good condition when I acquired it and I was delighted to find that it was in full running order. It has benefited from a good clean and I have also repainted the base which is, I think, cast aluminium.

At Steam Toys In Action, in February 2008, I met a gentleman who owns one of these engines. He felt that they were made by Mastrand. Mastrand made a steamroller in the early 1950s that was sold by Gamages in London. It is believed they also made a stationary engine, is this it?

Unidentified Overtype Engine

Unknown Engine

Another mystery engine, it is quite small, about the same size as the Mamod Minor 1. The question is; what is it? It might be another of those obscure items from the post war period. I have seen at least one other example, so it is probably not a home build, however, another possibility is that it is a school project engine.