Reciprocating Engine

Torch Electromagnetic Engine

This interesting model is a reciprocating engine powered by a single electromagnet. It is clearly a commercially produced item, possibly made for schools to demonstrate electromagnetism, and has a brass makerís plate with the name "Torch" and the description "British made mechanical model". The design is rather reminiscent of a single cylinder steam or gas engine. I have no idea when it was made but would guess at the 1950s.

Torch Engine

The engine was cleaned up, lubricated and connected to a 12 volt DC supply and to my delight it ran. The original grey wooden base was missing so a replacement has been made.

There does not seem to be much information around regarding these models. The only other illustration I have seen of one was in Issue number 43 of "Steam Toys Engines & Models" (Now known as Toy Steam News). If any one can add any thing further I would be delighted to hear from them.