Rocking Armature Engine

Page "Patent Office" Engine

This example of a rocking armature engine is based on one of the many designs of Charles Grafton Page. Dr Page was, for many years, an examiner at the U.S. Patent Office and this model is based on his "Patent Office" Engine of 1850.

Model Rocking Armature Engine

The engine was built from a kit of parts, available from the Old Model Company of Chichester, England (kit OMC-1). The brass construction, elegant curved spoke flywheel and the turned hardwood base all echo the style of early Victorian engineering.

Pulses of electric current are fed to an electromagnet via interrupter contacts operated by a cam on the drive shaft. The magnet attracts a metal armature and causes it to rock. The rocking motion is transferred to the flywheel via a connecting rod, similar to that found in a steam engine.

The turned base is 5 inches (14cm) in diameter and the engine stands 5 inches (12cm) high.

Video clip of the Rocking Armature Engine running